TurtleBrains  0.2.1
High quality, portable, C++ API for native application and game development.
TurtleBrains Namespace Reference

Contains all functions, classes and helpers related to game/application development written by Tim "BlackBird" Beaudet. More...


 Contains classes, functions and constants to create Applications, Menus, Dialogs with native controls, and Message Boxes.
 Bring some sound into the games created with TurtleBrains using a very simple fire and forget AudioManager.
 Contains core functionality for each component of the API.
 Contains some functionality for creating a debug log, and in some cases (Windows) popping open a console window.
 This is the heart of TurtleBrains for game developers to create GameScenes and Entities to interact with.
 Give the GameScene and Entities something to display, Text, Sprites and AnimatedSprites help bring the world to life.
 Contains objects and functions that are considered implementation details.
 Contains objects and functions for dealing with Vector and Matrix math.
 Contains oobjects and functions that are still in development and testing.

Detailed Description

Each section of the API is broken into namespaces, TurtleBrains::Core, TurtleBrains::Application, TurtleBrains::Game. Each full namespace is also aliased with a preceding tb for easier use without forcing the symbols to be added to global scope. Example, TurtleBrains::Application is aliased as tbApplication.

TODO: TIM: Documentation: This section is incomplete, finish teaching the user how to use TurtleBrains.